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Flexible Packaging Laminates

Jain Flexipack offers you a wide variety of Food Packaging Material. Hygienic and safe for storing and packaging food items, these packaging materials are available in various sizes and shapes. We make packaging laminates of Polyster films, BOPP Film, Metalize Polyster & BOPP Films, Peralise BOPP Films, CPP Films, Metalize CPP Films, 3 & 5 multilayered poly & Nylon film, Aluminium foil, paper, PNC Film, HMHD film & other various packaging films.

Some of these are:

  1. Three side sealed pouches
  2. Center sealed pouches
  3. Gazetted pouches
  4. Four sealing gazetted pouches
  5. Zipper pouches
  6. Standipack pouches
  7. Pouches with spout
  8. Carry bag pouches for 5kg and 10kg


Laminated Pouches

We, at Jain Flexipack Pvt Ltd supply Laminated Pouches in various widths and film thicknesses. Made from high grade plastics, these pouches come in a wide variety for application in various products.

Our world class printed flexible packaging laminates come in variations like:

  • 2 layer & 3 layer laminates of polyester, bopp and multilayer extruded film.
  • special laminates of all foil, nylon films in three and four layer laminates for extra shelf life and nitrogen flushing.

We provides packaging for the following food products such as:

Tea, Coffee, Spices, Edible Oil, Tobacco, Jam, Jelly, Ketchup, Pickles, Biscuits, Potato Chips etc and many more.

We also provide packaging for the following cosmetics and toiletries such as:

Hair Oil, Shampoo, Powder, Tooth Paste etc


Food Pouches Packaging

We bring for you Food pouches packaging with a variety of structural options like reclosable openings, spouts, laser perforations. With impeccable printing capabilities, these are offered in various shapes and sizes. To suit the storage of food items and made of aluminum laminates, they are highly durable and user friendly.

These pre-made pouches have a wide range of applications like:

Some of these are:

  1. Food
  2. Pet food
  3. Liquid household products
  4. Personal care products
  5. Chemicals


Plastic Pouches

Plastic Pouches for bulk packaging, we have on offer Plastic Pouches in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For specific requirements, we provide a range of Plastic Pouches. Strong and durable, these pouches are handy and convenient to use. We have a large assortment of plastic pouches.


Laminated Liquid Packaging

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Laminated Liquid Packaging, Made using finest quality material. Known for durable and safe features, these laminates are used in applications like chemical, stationery, household articles, appliances, cutlery, compact disc, drugs and more. Offered in different shapes and sizes, these are delivered to clients on time after a strict quality check by our analysts.

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